About Us

Sugar Cookies Lingerie New York City

In 2008, Sugar Cookies opened in the vibrant neighborhood of Chelsea in New York City  Owner Susanne Alvarado bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to the world of lingerie. With over 20 years in the industry, collaborating with renowned luxury brands, Susanne has become a trusted name in curating exquisite collections that embody elegance, style, and impeccable craftsmanship. Her passion for the artistry of lingerie is evident in every piece carefully selected for Sugar Cookies.

In 2021, Sugar Cookies embarked on a significant transformation. By embracing a new concept, we bid farewell to our traditional storefront and made the decision to relocate to a new, appointment-based setting. Nestled on the fifth floor of an office building in Chelsea, our boutique now operates on an appointment basis, ensuring each client receives personalized attention and a highly tailored shopping experience.

Within the tranquil and intimate setting of our boutique, clients can explore the finest lingerie with confidence and comfort. Our dedication to offering a discreet and exclusive atmosphere aligns seamlessly with our passion for providing top-notch customer service and exceptional quality.

By adopting this new approach, Susanne and her team can dedicate their undivided attention to understanding each client's preferences and guiding them through a curated selection of luxurious lingerie options. The focus on privacy and exclusivity sets Sugar Cookies apart as a destination for individuals seeking a truly exceptional shopping experience.